The Shared Passages Program is a curricular thread that integrates features of the K-Plan. Required in the first, sophomore and senior years, Shared Passages courses provide a developmental, pedagogical and intellectual arc to the liberal arts experience and create a “backbone” to an effective, flexible liberal arts education in which the whole is greater than the sum of its component parts.

First-Year Seminars

First-Year Seminars constitute the gateway to the K-Plan and to college life for entering students, while also serving as the foundation of the Shared Passages Program. First-Year Seminars are primarily designed to orient students to collegiate learning practices, with particular emphasis on critical thinking, writing, and speaking.

Sophomore Seminars

The sophomore seminar is the second component of Shared Passages and comes at a critical moment of challenge and opportunity in students’ journeys through the K-Plan. They provide a vital link between students’ entry to the K experience and their other landmark K experiences— advanced work in the major, study abroad and a SIP.

Senior Seminars

Senior seminars are the culmination of the Shared Passages Program. They provide a unique opportunity for students to reflect on their K-Plan, craft a narrative of their education, and explore the relevance of the knowledge and skills they’ve developed for their post-graduation lives.