Guidelines for Faculty

Senior Capstones are the culmination of the Shared Passages Program, a thread of cross-disciplinary engagement woven through a Kalamazoo College education. As seniors, students will have fulfilled most or all of the requirements of their chosen majors, minors and multidisciplinary concentrations; studied abroad/away; engaged in meaningful off-campus work through internships, externships, and/or service-learning; taken a broad array of courses in the liberal arts; and have either completed or are in the final stages of completing their SIPs. In other words, they will have achieved depth and breadth in the liberal arts, learned through experiential opportunities, lived and studied in international and intercultural settings, and undertaken significant independent scholarship. While each of these elements of the K-Plan is potentially transformative in and of itself, making meaningful connections among them are a hallmark of a well-integrated Kalamazoo College education. Senior Capstones provide a unique opportunity for students to reflect on their K-Plan, craft a narrative of their education, and explore the relevance of the knowledge and skills they’ve developed for their post-graduation lives.

As a means of providing similar educational experiences, each element of the Shared Passages Program (First-Year Seminar, Sophomore Seminar, and Senior Capstone) has common programmatic components. Thus, Senior Capstones

  • Draw students from various majors together through collaborative engagement with critical issues facing the world today.
  • Encourage cross-disciplinary thinking and problem solving.
  • Encourage student input on content, process, and knowledge generation for the course.
  • Encourage students to explore connections (and disconnections) among components of their K-Plan.
  • Invite students to articulate a narrative of their education in anticipation of their lives after graduation.

Resources from the Center for Career and Professional Development

Recognizing the value of the Senior Shared Passages Capstones in supporting students’ transition to post-graduate pursuits, the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) welcomes the opportunity to work with faculty who are facilitating these Capstones. The CCPD has developed Senior Shared Passages Capstones: Suggestions for Conversations on “Life After K”.